Reichert Brothers was founded in 2013 as a Haskell consulting company. Our goal is to support the widespread adoption of Haskell for commercial usage as well as advocating for open-source and independent use. We truly believe that the Haskell community is rich with talent and innovation that is unmatched in other widely used programming languages.

A cornerstone of our practice is in giving back to the Haskell community, which has openly shared a wealth of code and knowledge. Reichert Brothers are the founders and organizers of the Houston Haskell Users Group. This is one of our mediums to bring the power of Haskell and its community to the masses. Would you like to give a talk at one of our meetups? Please contact us for more information.

We develop our internal tools and web content in Haskell and see a bright future for those willing to adopt Haskell in their business or organization.

Christopher Reichert - Director of Development

I'm a Haskeller


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Cody Reichert - Director of Consulting Services

I'm a Haskeller

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