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Yesod and Angular JS

by Christopher Reichert

June 23, 2014

Yesod Web Framework

Recently, while working on a Yesod site I wanted to integrate Angular JS to spice up the design and add dynamic content.

Researching Angular js and Yesod integration via search engines doesn’t yield many helpful results. Michael Snoyman has an example from 2012 ( with a module named Yesod.Angular provided for integrating Angular with a Haskell/Yesod backend. The problem is most of the code in the module was written against an older version of Yesod, and thus, does not compile with current versions.

I have proposed a pull request to update the example to work with Yesod 1.2, so those who stumble upon it are not confused or blocked. The pull request was merged and should be in the yesod-js repository now.

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