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Houston Haskell - Installing GHC and Working With Cabal

by Christopher Reichert

May 2, 2014

Houston Haskell Users Group

The first official meeting for the Houston Haskell Users Group was a success! There seems to be many Haskellers in the Houston area who are hungry to learn more.

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GHC Hacking

by Christopher Reichert

April 11, 2014

Haskell Lambda

If you haven’t figured it out already, I am a Haskell fanatic. Haskell is a fantastic language that has continuously driven me to explore new programming concepts and improve my own skill. Quite naturally, I am intrigued by GHC – The Glasgow Haskell Compiler. GHC is an open-source native code compiler for Haskell. GHC is written in Haskell with the majority of the runtime system written in C and C-- [0].

This post describes how to:

  • Check out and build the ghc source.
  • Add libraries to your inplace ghc instance.
  • Make a trivial change to GHCi.

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